Our Mission

Empowering beauty enthusiasts worldwide, we're revolutionizing the industry with our innovative app. Our platform seamlessly organizes cosmetics, fosters creativity, and builds communities. By leveraging social trends, we're setting new standards and health.

Our Solutions

Our solution is a one stop shop for all things beauty. Our key features will streamline your experience and help you find your best self.

A comprehensive social platform catering to the beauty community's needs for learning, growth, discovery, and discussions.

A centralized solution to track, organize, and conveniently reorder beauty products upon expiration or depletion.

A dependable resource offering insights into ingredients, vegan materials, animal testing, and environmental consequences.

The Al and data science solutions to enhance the user experience prior to undergoing cosmetic procedures, adn group individuals based on genetic factors and related issues.

What People Are Saying

“ There is absolutely no place for people to go for safe, reliable information for using beauty products.”

“ It took a visit to a dermatologist to discover that expired lotions were causing my skin breakouts”

“ I wish | knew where to go to talk about what products would work best for me. So many products I've bought dont end up working for me as advertised”

“I love doing people’s hair. I’m looking for a place to showcase what I love”

“I don’t spend time going shopping, I just want to re-order what I already have”

How We Help?

  • Social media is a maze, we help streamline your experience for beauty, keeping you happy and heathy!

  • Keep track of your products and expiry in an easy and convenient way! Save time & avoid breakouts!

  • Find the clean ethical and healthy products that YOU love and support!

  • Utilize artificial intelligence for a built in dermatologist with Spyra-Ai

  • Ad free experience to give you the best experience possible!

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Our Team


Our Partners

Artificial Intelligence

We are using AI to enhance your experience. Take a selfie and get matched with creators who look like you and share a similar experience to you.



Product Development

  • Enable user registration

  • Complete Inventory and Reminders

  • Integrate Barcode Lookup

  • Integrate Amazon Referrals

  • Onboard Content from 100+ creators

  • Build Database of top 10k products, identifying the good and the bad


Go To Market

  • Develop computer vision models to match creators’ appearances

  • Build out social media functionality

  • Partner with salons and beauty schools

  • Beta test with early users


Scale & AI Feature

  • Scale to 10K users

  • Develop Generative Al models to help people try new looks and styles with a touch of a button

  • Build out job board and premium accounts

  • Build out appointment scheduling


R&D Development

  • Scale to 100k users

  • DNA genotyping to determine optimal solutions

  • Partnerships with custom chemical labs to create products